by Ovaltine

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: some of my gr8est jamz on my phone holy jeez Favorite track: Ramsey.
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Soul Slime Certified solid songz through and through Favorite track: Thanks Again.
Elias Williamson
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Elias Williamson these tunes r fresh Favorite track: No Longer Orange.
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Recorded July 2016 - February 2017 by Evan Kallas

Vocals on "Son" by Christopher Taylor
Keys on "What's Up" by Nick Manske

Mastered by Luke Thinnes

Artwork by Madeline Johnston

Thanks to Anton Krueger, Kate Brackley and all my other friends that helped me out with this project or gave me words of encouragement.

These places helped too:
Rhinoceropolis, Juice Church, Backspace and Ernie November. Thank you for lending your light.


released February 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Ovaltine Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Cat Away
leaking water
text the landlord
she'll come over
i'll put the cat away

busted gas pipe
burn the house down
text the landlord
i'll take the cat away
Track Name: No Longer Orange
those fucks came into our house
that fuck invited them
they took our mirror
showed us they're big strong men

we're on the lease now
Jake just moved out
now this is our house
still not big strong men
Track Name: Dog
why can't you see
what you're doing
has no value
in our punk scene

no community
in masculinity
the youth is in your hands
act accordingly

you should not be looked up to
if your violence defines you
when i see your band play
i want to stay away
Track Name: Sick Pictures
when i said you shouldn't take pictures
you should have thought to yourself
"too bad for that guy
he won't get sick pictures
of his band and all my friends say
that my pictures are sick and i'm cool af"
Track Name: Son
dead cat in the road
makes me think how crushed
i'd be if anything happened to my son

longing for the outside world
stay safe inside the house
stretch out on the carpet
keep me sane and grounded
Track Name: Ramsey
i've seen my dad cry one time
back when Ramsey died
crashed his bike drunk on the turnpike

my mom's mom died in a fire
that my grandfather lit
he was drunk then that piece of shit
and he rotted in prison

how could i
be ungrateful for my life?
when in their lives
they've got through the darkest times
Track Name: Thanks Again
your supportive words
make me feel at home in a place where i hardly do at all

and i might steal your grin from your face
and keep it in my pocket
till i need it again
thanks again

your stoicism
came off dickish at first
but ur low key a sweet<3 and i look up to you a lot

thanks again
i'll keep your grins in the back of my mind till i'm gone or you're gone
or we're gone or i'm gone

thanks again
Track Name: Cove
dropped me for no reason it seemed
i still appreciate all the things you taught me

sorry i fucked up those p-traps
and that hardwood floor
you still patted me on the back
couldn't ask for more
Track Name: I'll Never Be a True Freak
i'll never be a true freak but i can hang out with the true freaks

they make me happy when they sing
they inspire me to dream
they make me wanna spread my wings
but flying is harder than you'd think

i struggle with my capabilities
and my artistic capacity
i just wanna be free

like the freaks
Track Name: A New Level of Luxury
broad daylight
you jumped out of the car
everyone could see
the light turned green

93 degrees
in the summer heat
threw it in the back
then we drove and laughed
Track Name: What's Up
we heard you the first time
we fucking get it
we heard you the last time
ur pretending

your person is built
on credibility
ur pretending
stop pretending u kno whats up
Track Name: Puberty Sheets
black out in my apartment and the sun
will never shine again on my life

burn the old pictures
of my grandparents i
won't meet till i die

crash the car my parents bought me
into the park where they walked me
tell my sister off for drinking
and cursing me in front of my friends

bathe in sheets of puberty where the sun
was shining, hopeful, blinding my eyes

burn the old pictures
of my childhood i
can't seem to remember
and i don't know why
Track Name: Wall
i didn't cry when you died
why can't i cry?
wish you'd stayed in my life
so i can curl up inside
of your beautiful bosom
where i felt so alive
they'll tear you apart soon
i hope then i can cry

wish i had more time
to see your wall
wish i had more time
for reflection
wish i had more time
to smell your shit
wish i had more time
to take a piss
to look at myself in the mirror